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Ann Oakes

I grew up in the 60's with creative music happening and crafters making macrame plant and wall hangings. I found a pamphlet with directions on how to make coil baskets. Caught up in the spirit, I made a few for fun, but I was unable to devote myself to such a time-consuming activity. Fast forward to 2018 and retirement on the horizon. I decided to try my hand again at making coil baskets and soon realized I loved it. I dedicated a year to honing my craft and realized that I had found my creative path.

I started crafting baskets with flowers and beautiful motifs, and then discovered that they could also be hung as wall decor. All it takes is one nail in the center of the inside of the basket. Nail heads can easily be painted to match the inside of the basket. My baskets are made with rope and yarn. Enjoy stashing just about anything in them: jewelry, eyeglasses, dried flowers, etc., but wet items are inadvisable. Or... just display it on your wall!

Peace! Ann Oakes

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