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Alexis Gault

Alexis has been fascinated by clothing and fabrics since childhood when her wardrobe was stocked with 1950's smocked dresses her mother rescued from thrift stores. Her love of vintage styling grew as she continued to collect vintage clothing from the 1930's through the 1950's. These clothes were designed to look great on the natural curves of the women's body and continue to inspire the more modern designs of Lush Life.  After connecting to a source of vintage fabrics that were still on the bolt Alexis decided to go into making clothes as a side project while trying to maintain gainful employment in the slim market of Asheville, NC.

In 2008 while she was preparing for her second run at a local festival she lost her dreary job in the Asheville tourist market and decided to focus completely on her business.

It's been a challenging road merging the mind of the artist and the entrepreneur, but with support from the amazing customers who value her designs AND prefer to purchase from a small American craftsperson, Alexis has tugged the ends together over the past five years as a full-time artist.

The future looks bright as Alexis continually climbs the learning curve in the business world. Working on mastering social media, expanding into festival sales and searching for a knowledgeable business partner are the avenues she is currently pursuing to help Lush Life grow.

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