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Woolworth Walk

the Soda Fountain

Soda Fountain

Nostalgia returns to one of Asheville's historic landmarks, "F.W. Woolworth," established in 1938 and restored in 2001. It now boasts a fully operational Old Fashioned Soda Fountain built to resemble the original Woolworth Luncheonette. A 50's flair was used in the design to further compliment the vast array of local art.

The Soda Fountain is in its original location and is open daily serving many of the original menu items, including egg creams, club sandwiches, coffee and, of course, old fashioned ice cream sodas.

Want to know what homemade soup we have today? Follow our tweets! avlmilkshakers will be tweeting daily to keep you informed.

Click here to see the Soda Fountain menu

Hours: Open Seven Days 

Sunday: Full Service 11am-3pm, Beverages/Ice Cream til 4pm

Monday - Thursday: Full Service 11am-4pm, Beverages/Ice Cream til 5pm

Friday + Saturday: Full Service 11am-5pm, Beverages/Ice Cream til 6pm

Member, Asheville Independant Restaurants

Gallery 828-254-9234 | Soda Fountain 828-254-9210

25 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
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