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Woolworth Walk

Tim Haynes

My work is a combination of hand and power carving.

Most of my work is made from wood from our property in North Buncombe. (We love living in the woods!) I very rarely cut down a living tree. Most of my wood is from fallen trees or from trees that have lived out their green life. I enjoy walking in the woods looking for Mother Nature's art. (Unique shapes, colors, grain patterns). When working with wood in larger pieces and in more natural shapes you must be willing to accept the fact that wood continues to move and may split, crack or check in the future. To me this is the nature of wood and sometimes adds character to the piece.( The eye of the beholder.)

The wood species I use varies with what the land provides.
Oak, Beech, Hickory, Poplar, Walnut, Locust, Sourwood, Hemlock, White pine.
Occasionally I may purchase wood from other sources if it is a piece I really like.
I also use reclaimed or recycled wood. I am still using white pine left over from my father's log cabin.

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