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Veniamin Grebenshikov

Vena Grebenshikov is a professionally trained artist from Siberia, Russia. Since he graduated from the Art & Architecture Institute of Kyrgyzstan in 1978, he has pursued artistic careers in interior design, architecture, metal sculpting, and painting.

His initial artistic connection with New Orleans was in 2001 where his artistic talents merged into a focused vibrant career in oil painting. Every piece of art manifests from a photograph or an image that he sees in everyday life. In this way Vena is able to capture a unique reality of the French Quarter.

Vena has recently fallen in love with the serenity and beauty of Burnsville, NC, where he has his vacation home. He is currently incorporating his original abstract style, most similar to impasto painting techniques, into canvases that illustrate the beauty of North Carolina. With his rich painting style combined with the vibrant choice of color, Vena's intent is to allow people everywhere exposure to current beauty, charm, and history of both New Orleans and North Carolina.

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