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Woolworth Walk

Susan Spies

On the simplest level, I am an artist who paints plants and flowers. For me, they are the perfect subject for exploring my main visual obsessions: light and color. But, I also just love them. Their shapes and lines and ingenuity never cease to amaze me - they are elegant and moving. My compositions try to immerse the viewer in the plant world by using low or close-up perspectives. Driving my botanical obsession is the sense that plants are a powerful expression of the meaning of natural development and growth. They stay true to their shape, their form, in a quiet but unswerving way.

My work is also about paint. I am fascinated about how paint can look so utterly beautiful, brush strokes of mixed or pure colours, energetic or more controlled, suggesting light and familiar things in our world, or sometimes wobbling on the border of abstraction or stepping way over that line. I like the way paint looks as an object, besides what it tries to render. I like it as a material and am continually amazed at how it can be just so interesting to look at.

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