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Rosy Kirby

Rosy Kirby grew up on a small blueberry farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. Early on she developed a love of illustration from the shelves of storybooks that occupied her childhood room, and began drawing and assembling her own construction paper books at age four. Drawing gave her a space to make sense of her surroundings, as well as providing a visual platform to voice curiosity, joy, and longing.

The imagery in this collection stems from these formative years of dipping into icy swimming holes, constructing woodland forts, and finding speckled bird’s eggs in the trees. Wreathed with inky botanicals and sentimental objects, these drawings are small reflections of solitude and companionship, equally represented by wild critters and restless humans. Recollections from a magical childhood have been reassembled in hopes to communicate something more emotionally accurate than concrete fact and photographic evidence, and act as a visual attempt to address and make sense of past experience.

Rosy now lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with a cute dog and a slew of wild huckleberries still growing in her backyard.

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