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Meredith Adler

I call my blog "Paint Like Nobody's Watching," because I knew that is exactly what I needed to do once I decided to put my art "out there." For most of my life, I was not even close to being an artist--I was one of those "can't-even-draw-a-stick figure" types of people. Somehow I figured out that given the heart and the eye of an artist, the technical skills could be learned and practiced, just like any other set of skills.

My growth as a painter accelerated when I was introduced to the Daily Painters movement by another artist in November 2011. Painting frequent, small paintings and sharing through blogging are the hallmarks of this movement. I pored through the blogs of Daily Painters and felt I was witnessing miracles happening, as they made tremendous gains in their work through consistent practice. I so wanted to create miracles myself and decided to increase my discipline and commitment to painting (daily doesn't always fit into my lifestyle, but consistent/frequent does).

I'm not ready to claim I have created miracles in my work yet; however, I am quite grateful for the strides I have made since I started exploring the Daily Painter mindset.
Essentially, I have been teaching myself to paint by painting!

My medium is acrylics, which seems to suit me best of the ones I have tried. My subject matter is varied, from still life and interiors, to figurative and landscape (including plein air). The common denominators are a compelling image, a quality of light, a slice of life...a little bit of me.

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