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Kathryn Abernathy

I believe that creativity has the power to heal. Years of near-constant migraine headaches were the reason that I started painting. I am truly thankful to have gone through those years of pain and disability. Without them I would not have found this affinity for living a creative life. I've discovered that art can guide you to lead a fuller life; to live more in the moment; to have deeper connections to the world around you. Relating this message to others is important to me.

As a self-taught artist, I've come about my way of painting through experimentation and by being willing to relinquish control; to see what will happen; to risk ruining what I've worked on for days in an effort to create a more powerful piece. Layers of paint flow and spread into and over one another. Turn, watch, respond. Repeat until the painting itself tells me it is complete.

I am a most unlikely person to have a career as an artist. My past includes a degree in Mathematics and a career in computer programming. Now, in mid-life, I rely on my art to distill meaning and understanding from life's joys and, more often, its challenges. I'm a true example of how its never too late to let Art steal your heart - and renew your soul.


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