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Woolworth Walk

Kasey Moran

Painting is my passion. As a small child, I discovered the joy of drawing and that first love has never wavered. Now, more than three decades later, I still feel that life is more meaningful when I am tapped into my creativity. My most popular paintings are stylized contemporary floral compositions -  the images are colorful and exude a sense of joy. I also like creating abstract and figurative works.
For me, painting is a meditative process. I "plug in" and try to be open to whatever comes through. I am the conduit, never knowing what the final composition will look like until it resolves itself. Part of the dance is observing, adding something, then stepping back. The painting seems to speak to me – and I have learned to listen.
 My paintings have been shown predominantly in North Carolina and have found homes in various countries around the world.

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