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Karen Keil Brown

Karen Keil Brown discovers a delicate balance between earth and sky, realism and abstraction, In this current body of work, Karen captures the essence and tranquility of nature with a sense of internal energy. As forested mountainsides are cloaked in a muted depth of mist and shadow, Brown focuses our vision on a moment of serenity, revealing an elemental and transcendent dance between atmosphere and light. Brown paints with an intuitive and softly expressive brushstroke, distilling the ever-changing face of the landscape with an ethereal immediacy. "I create my paintings in either acrylic or oil paint on canvas, maintaining the meditative freedom and breath of my signature mark and style as I work in either medium. I welcome commissions as I enjoy working with my clients vision with incorporating my style. I usually paint in my studio using oil and acrylic mediums on canvas. I use photos from my outdoor adventures, to inspiring me, not to dictate the outcome of the work . I like to free up my imagination that provides many opportunities for happy accidents to influence the final painting... Often I will add a different sky that better compliments the colors, values and shapes of the land. I like to use a dash of red within the painting to represent my internal passion for each piece, . Painting is my way of connecting with the land. There is a spiritual significance in nature's forms, a spiritual landscape within a physical one. I like to express a scene or place in nature that has a tranquil quality about them. People have often told me that looking at my paintings give them a feeling of peace and calm. To me there is no better compliment."

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