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Jennifer Barrineau

"Drawing and drawing and doodling and coloring and drawing that is how it all starts as a kid. And people start saying ,"hey you are pretty good at that". Then you get to art school and everyone there is "pretty good at that". Well, you just keep on drawing and drawing and then someone hands me a paint brush. Wow the things I can do., and I feel like I have only just begun to paint".

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration at the Ringling School of Art and Design, Jennifer worked at various jobs doing design and illustration work. She has worked designing collectible products and packaging for Coca Cola, Budweiser and other companies. She spent several years creating art for apparel, with designs approved and used by Girl Scouts of America, Disney Sports, The Rose Bowl, and many more.

In a great effort to spend less time creating art on a computer and get back to making art with her hands, Jennifer turned her focus on painting. It was a great leap of courage to go back to working on her own ideas, and let go the computer work. Back to developing her very own creations with canvas, paint, and brushes ...her true loves.

Jennifer has been raising her son and working in Asheville NC for 6 years now. She has found the mountain air and amazing scenery to be very inspirational as a mom and as an artist.

Her artistic expression unapologetically thrusts us into a world where vibrant color, texture and shapes collide. The viewer is taken to a land of color-saturated, dimensional, thought provoking creations.

"I paint because I have to, and because I love to. Paint is a very magical medium for me. It enables me to extract from the thousands upon thousands of images racing through my mind, and share them with the world."

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