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Woolworth Walk

Douglas Lail

Being a native to the mountains of Western North Carolina constantly fuels my desire as an artist. My inherent need to create led me on a path to a world of corporate design and marketing. I find it most gratifying to break away from this world, when possible. The work you see before you explores this unbridled, less structured motive of expression.

My paintings are derived from things unnoticed. I find inspiration in most ordinary, mundane objects or situations. My ambition is to bring forth a unique visual twist of the everyday. I am not interested in replicating or recording a carbon copy still life or landscape. My approach is to produce interpretive and expressive work that is more emotional and less constrained by line and form.

The works shown here feature weathered surfaces with an emphasis on the corrosive effects of air and water. I'm fascinated by the visual interest of iron oxide and subtle nuances in the patina of copper carbonate.

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25 Haywood Street, Asheville, NC 28801
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