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Linda Guertler

I have always loved the idea and the feeling of lighting a candle and watching the flame dance so freely with such clarity and brightness!  Friends seemed to give them to me as gifts quite often and looking back I believe those gifts were a hint to me to take a stroll down the candle making path. One day I decided to make one and of course it didn't burn well or leave a great scent in the room.  It's taken many years and a lot of testing and experimenting with all natural, renewable waxes and essential oils to create a candle that burns properly as well as create a delicious aroma.

I've recently expanded into other areas of all natural products that include an herbal infused moisturizer, herbal salve, herbal lip softener and essential oil blends, all products that include natural ingredients and aromatherapy to enhance and contribute to the calmness, peacefulness and balance of your life. 

I believe the power of Aromatherapy can transport you back to wonderful memories that welcome a sense of inner peace and contentment and create an uplifting, inspiring environment.

With the simple act of lighting a candle and allowing a minute of your time to watch a beautiful flame with its clarity and freedom of movement, I hope my products create a spark of empowerment and awaken the memory of your own bright light you came to share.

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