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Ernestine Bucking

The serene and uplifting style of classically trained and highly honored Austrian-born artist Ernestine Bucking is aptly considered to be 'romantic realism'.
For four decades, the internationally recognized artist who has held more than 100 one-woman shows in the United States and Europe, has painted with watercolor and acrylic and oil to capture numerous and diverse wildlife and floral wonders of the natural world. 
Collectors have commented that "birds in her painting seem to move". And her gentle yet unique work inspired one critic to say: "Bucking's paintings seem to capture the experience of looking out the window at the same scene every day, yet seeing something different each time."

Ernestine's quest for honesty in her paintings is realized by her use of tones and shades that mirror those in the natural world.
She also paints interesting old buildings, children at play, and a variety of people she meets during her travels at home and abroad.
A popular ingredient in Ernestine's artwork is that she often enhances a painting for a purchaser by inserting the image of his or her pet or child or appropriate memento.
Ernestine's artistic talent was obviously inherited, as her mother was an accomplished poet: and her grandfather was a composer and musician for Emperor Franz Josef of Austria.
She has studied art in Switzerland, France, England and Germany: and her paintings are copyrighted, reproduced and sold worldwide. Her work is in numerous public and private collections from Russia to Caracas; and from corporations to college across America.
She has received numerous awards in various art mediums during her professional career. 

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