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Bob Wright

We are Margaret & Bob Wright and we make our home on a mountain in NC along with Sarah, an extremely opinionated Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Samuel Mulligan III (Sammy) our little rescue dog of very mixed heritage and extreme good humor.

We create our jewelry with glass and wire. We make lampwork beads, fused dichroic glass cabochons, chainmaille and other fused glass pieces in our home studio in NC. Some are then wire wrapped or wire sculptured as part of the final piece. We often combine our lampwork beads and fused glass with hand crafted Bali sterling silver beads and Swarovski crystals to create necklaces and earrings. We believe the process of creating each piece should be fun--for the artist in creating as well as the wearer in wearing. We hope to give the wearer the same sense of joy and happiness in wearing the piece that we have in creating it. We do not keep patterns of design or formulas of color so each piece will be different from one another. Each is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Our interest and fascination of working with both glass and wire is the statement within the molten glass or unformed wire. Through working with the material, this statement will be expressed in either a shout or a whisper in the final piece. Some will be mellow and project serenity. Others will arrive on the scene laughing and dancing and emit humor and joy of life. Still others arrive with a force and boldness that demand recognition of their presence. The birth of each piece of jewelry is always a unique experience for us.

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